Help! my philips cdd4201 doesnt power on.!

i know its an older drive, but this isnt the first time this has happened. it usually happens when i turn the power of the pc off. or i get a thunderstorm outside that causes a power outage.

what happens is that everything in my pc works fine, but the philips cdrw drive is not turning on at all. i found out how to fix this by unplugging the pc from the wall for an hour and then powering it back on and holding down the open/close button to calibrate it. this sometimes works, and sometimes doesnt.

my guess is that the drive doesnt have some sort of brownout/blackout protection causing it not to power on without unplugging it for an hour.? or is that a protection it has.

i tried to contact philips., but there support isnt the greatest and i can find a support email addy from them. is there another way to reset the power of the drive to get it to power on without unplugging my pc for an hour? anyone ever heard of this. buying a new drive is out of the question right now, so dont tell me to get a new one.

i have 2 hard drives on the primary ide and the cdrw is a master on the secondary ide.