Help! My New DVD Drive is Useless!

Hi Guys,

I have done something very stupid.

I was reading a post made by C0deKing in a thread regarding the Sony DW-Q520A (Slimline Notebook drive) being a LiteOn Lightscribe model and like a bull in a China Shop I used the HS0D firmware .exe to flash the drive as a LiteOn SHM-165H6S (LightScribe) Drive.
Needless to say, it is now completely disabled, and I can’t even eject the drive.

I backed up the EEPROM beforehand using the EEPROM utility, but that’s all I’m afraid.

Please Help? What shall I do?




it seems, you have mixed up Sony DW-G121A (this can be xflashed to SHM-165H6S) with your DW-Q520A. You never can’t flash a firmware to a notebook drive. And there are only few drives, that can be upgraded to DVD-RAM and/or Lightscribe capablities.

Do you have a correct firmware file for your drive at hands?
Is your drive still recognized? If that is not totally dead, then you might try patching your original firmware with flashfix and install that patched firmware.
Or you may have a look at XSF on the codeguy’s website.
For both, you need original firmware for your drive.

If none of those options work, then you’ll have to buy a new drive.


btw: This should have been posted in the Liteon section. You can ask a moderator to move this thread there.

Got is sorted now guys.

Used XSF to flash the dead drive with firmware from a new drive.

I would appreciate some advice too. I want to patch the firmware so that I don’t get “IDE#1 Error” on my Toshiba notebook every time I boot up. What app should I be looking at to do this?

Thanks for your help up to now.


what are you trying to say here ?, that you can’t flash a notebook drive ?

my brother has this drive in his notebook and i was thinking about him flashing it, but if he can’t i’ll tell him not to bother

i’ve just found a firmware for it, so you must be able to flash this drive

You should look for the right firmware, dumb style spoken. :wink:
You NEED a [B]Toshiba OEM firmware[/B] for this drive then, otherwise it will not work correctly.
OEM Liteon laptop drive

:doh: I lost a word in that old contribution. It should read: “You can’t flash desktop firmware to a notebook drive”.

my brother has this drive in his notebook and i was thinking about him flashing it, but if he can’t i’ll tell him not to bother
If there is a firmware, then you can flash it. But note, that most drives are OEM with vendor specific modifications.


right, thanks mciahel,

my brother has a fujitsu siemens notebook, so i tell him. do you know where to get the right firmware for him?