Help! my NEC 3520A can't recognize any CD-R/CD-RW, Only DVDs

After I Used NEC 1.U8 firmware, and new NEC 2.33 firmware, my drive can’t read /write any CD-R/CD-RW, but read/write DVD+/-R fine. even I go back to
NEC 1.04 Firmware, the problem is still exists.

My other Philips DVD+RW read/Write all these CD-R/RW in good conditions.

Any wrong with my NEC Drives ? the NEC drives was with BYTECC external
enclosure connected with my Dell 5150 -3.06G CPU notebook.

Please give me some advice

No one encounter the same problem? Here is some more info about my 3520A.

I buy the 3520A one month ago, after I receive it, I first flash it using Liggy’s Beta2 (1.U2), then 1.U4,1.U6,1.U8, I have burn above 100s DVD’s using it, also fews CDs that before 1.U6.

Yesterday when I want burn a Music CD, I found it can’t recogize my Blank CD, then I further check it can’t recognize any CD-R/RW, even pressed CD. when I insert
any kind of CD, the 3520A spin about two minutes, and say that there are no Media DISK in the drive. but it read/burn All DVD+R/-R still work very well.

I think the problem may be the Liggy’s firmware, since I didn’t using any other firmware before that. I try to go back NEC 1.04, and IO Data 1.26,3.22, the problem
still there. I try different computers, all that didn’t help.

My burn software was fresh installed Nero 6.6.08a with XP SP2 and all latest XP update.

Dell 5150, 3.06G, 1.5G memory, 80G 5400 Harddrive
the 3520A was embedded in ByteCC ME-340 USB 2.0 Enclosure.

Does anyone have some suggestion to solve the problem?

that’s really very stranger behavior for modified firmware.