Help: My lite-on LTR32123s can no longer detect blank sony cdr!

dear all,

nice to meet u all, this is my first time posting article here :slight_smile:

i want to seek help abt. my poor lite-on ltr32123s cd writer problem.
it used to work properly b4 i re-install my win2k,
and i used to use the blank sony 700mb 32x disc as medium.
however, after the re-installation,
it can’t detect the blank sony discs!
the error message is:
“No medium inserted or drive not ready, please try again”
i bought some maxell cdr to test and it can detect the disc as empty disc properly… how come?

i am using nero
from nero’s faq, i doubt that it’s the problem of my mainboard (2themax 4sda+) chipset (sis) busmaster problem.
but i really can’t understand why this configuration works absolutely fine before??