Help! My laptop cannot pick up my router



I have a problem with my Laptop, as it cannot pick up the wireless connection and i cannot access the internet. Yesterday my laptop was fine and could access the internet, but today the laptop will not pick the wireless connection. I tried using dos and checked if the laptops Network Interface Card is responding to the Laptop but it says request timed out.

If anyone can help me wih my problem, any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


You may want to check the hardware forum for your specific laptop (you don’t tell us anything about it) along with WUGNEt’s forums.
With that said, you need to look in device manager to see if the card is recognized. If you have a Windows XP based laptop this will be a good starting point. Also, look at Network Connections to be sure that the Wireless is not disabled. BTW: If ther is an On-Off switch for the wireless and a light-check that too.
Good luck


Um could you give me the link to WUGNEts forums? Im still new to this. My laptop is a Windows Vista based. Ive checked the wireless on/off switch and its operating as normal. I checked the Wirless section of the Network connections, but it says its not connected to a network. When I try to, there is no connection to connect to.

I’ve checked device manager and update the drivers in the Newtork Adaptor section of Device manager and its says the software is up to date for teach of the drivers… Im getting abit of a headache because i was fine yesterday and now something like this happens…


You should try network connections just under control panel, open it and go to your connection. Right click and try repair, this works sometimes.


The wireless modem in my laptop will not pick up a wireless connection, so i cannot repair the connection.


Then either your router is not transmitting or the card not receiving either way you will have to discover which it is before you can proceed!


Go to a hot zone and see if it works. If it does, then your router is suspect.