Help my kids have destroyed my cd's

:confused: Old Man

Am under pressure from my two young sons and I being the leader of my clan must humbly ask for your help.

My kids have destroyed a few of my games, scratched!! beyond repair…so I have bought new games, I can copy and burn them for backup but…when I tried to load these backups they give me strange messages like E:\ setup.exe is not a valid win32 application…

Ok I have worked out that this is to do with the copying of my cd’s but…how do I step around this…

Am new to this, real new, have tried to understand and search for answers but…hey I am an old man!

Plz help

What games are they?

If you search for the game on this forum, you will most likely find what protection it has (or use one of the many programs mentioned here, such as ClonyXXL, to detect the protection) and read the many sticky threads in the various sections to learn how a copy protection can be beat.

Furthermore, provide more info on your system, such as writer, reader and software used. The information you provided is too little to give you an answer, it like saying “My car broke down, it won’t start, what should I do?”.