Help! My HD Receiver died!

Hi, I recently and stupidly purchased a Samsung SIR-T151 HD receiver on EBay. :sad: Worked great for 2 months and suddenly stopped. I’ve unplugged it to reset it, tried pressing the right arrow button and menu at the same time to reset it, but no go. I think it is dead. The really interesting thing is, I can’t find anyone willing to fix it! I live in the Los Angeles area, you would think there would be a surplus of electronics repair places in this area, but it’s like I have the bubonic plague! BestBuy, Fry’s, Circuit City, Radio Shack, lots of TV repair places, no one will even look at it! I called Samsung, they want me to ship it to New Jersey and pay $220.0!!! I am appalled. I only paid $195.00 for it.

When I turn it on, and put my Philips wide-screen HD ready TV on AV4 I get a black screen, no messages like: “no signal” or anything, just black screen. I have the receiver connected to a rooftop terrestrial antenna. When I connect the antenna directly to the TV I get a signal, so it must be the receiver. After 60 seconds or so, the receiver shuts off.

Any ideas? You can email me directly if you want, I am so frustrated/embarassed. Won’t be buying on EBay again. :a

Mark Williams

Why does Samsung want you to pay $220? They don’t have any facility on the West Coast? Half of Samsung is North American.

Very good question. Heck if I know, but I called the Samsung toll free number and was informed that to have my receiver repaired I will have to ship it to New Jersey and since it is not under warranty it will cost me $220.00!!

Thanks for the reply, please let me know if you know someone that will even look at it in the L.A. area.


Have you checked to see if you are in the proper video mode? It might have gotten switched from HD to SD. Also, just unplug the receiver for 10 mins or so then plug it back in.

Tried all that. I’m done for. Thanks for the tip. Mark