Help my friend pick her new burner

Ok my buddy is going to buy her first dvd burner this weekend.

She has already bought a 100 stack of verbatim dvd-r’s. so she is going in the right direction in buying good media. :clap:

Now she is looking for a really good 16x dvd burner. She is still stuck back in the old days and will only record at 4x and 8x.

Can any of you guys help out with some suggestions on what brand, make and model of burner. all she is really going to do with it is back up her huge collection of movies that her kids are starting to scratch all to H@ll.


LG models are excellent, as long as they’re fed good media (but I see there’s no worries there) :)…I have an older 4163B, and an external E10N, but there are newer models about.

Can you recomend a model?

Seen some very good burns from the H22N and the H10N (the internal version of my E10N). :slight_smile:

An LG from Newegg with free shipping

It all depends on how badly those discs are already scratched up. Lite-On drives are good for retrieving data off of crap discs. I’d recommend the SHW-160P6S. Or the SHW-165P6S (same drive but with lightscribe). My local Wally World has the 160P6S.

If you just care about burn quality, the Pioneer 111D gets very good marks at this site. It’s a slower ripper though, and may have more trouble with the scratched discs. If you wait you might find the retail version of this drive on sale at Best Buy.

Thanks guys I think she is picking up the lg h22n tomorrow.