Help! my farcry shows blue for the terrain with my new MSI 5700LE 128!

Can anyone help me i am desperate overhere and even thinking of returning this damn card but toms hardware and a lotta peeps have certified this card is good! can someone tell me wht i am missing here to make this work! farcry is blue all over with the exception of my weapon and trees all over

i earlier had a geforce mx 440 and obv. u can c why i had to get a new one and i just want to know whts wrong

i have tried 61.77 detonator by nvidia and it aint even certified by MS and even earlier versions i have tried but to no avail!!

pls pls pls desperate as ever and want to play farcry like mad i even have my new copy of doom iiii and dont want to start on that until i get this sorted out!

You may need to RMA the card. :sad:

What are your full system specs?

isnt there anything i can do before i return it?

OK - need to know all of your pc components (make, model…) and also have you done anything like overclocking or tweaking your cpu/motherboard/video card?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try the newest drivers for your card.
Next try putting all of the settings do to the lowest settings to see if anything comes up.
Patch the game to 1.1 and repeat.
Try another game. Doom 3 or one that you played previously on your old card. If it is the same or similar then it could be the card or possible power requirements. If these are ok then it is something to do with the game and not the card.

I take it you are using your original copy of the game.

error- ID game not installed
this is the error i am getting when i try to apply 1.1 any ideas?

BTW i played NFSU earlier and now all the med optiosn are on high and i can c crowd and its like butter real good so i guess the card should be ok,

secondly this is a copy from a friend that I am borrowing to check out my new card. It worked ok on my geforce4mx major lag tho but without the screen color thingie!

BTW womble and 1986 is it normal to experience lag specially when i open fire u know the hdd reads like shit at that time and its hard thus to focus on shooting! is it normal for anyone outthere with 256 of ddr and a p4 2.4 w:out HT to experience wht i am experiencing and also is it normal that all options are on low and AA is offed too!

tell me which of the following might increase my current lag on the machine overall!!

A cooler for VGA
A new SATA hdd
512 of CORSAIR low latency

i dont want to change my proc right now but will changing the MB make a diff?

thanks heaps peeps!

wht is the speed of my RAM exactly if it says 2.5-3-3-6 cl i need to know how do i know whether its pc 2000 or whtever and the bus speed and whether i can install pc3200

Because it is a copied game this could be your problem. This is your problem with your patch as well. Also if you don’t own it this is more than likely illegal. Please refrain from discussion of this on this forum as this will cause you to be repremaded and posts to be closed down. I did some editting of you post to rectify this.

Your lag is due to the 256mb in your system. 256 just dosn’t work with this game. You need more. 512 minimum. The other two options will do very little or nothing to improve the overall speed.

2.5-3-3-6 are the memory timmings. Offhand I don’t know what is what but basically lower is better for all of the numbers. The other thing is the bus speed or PC**** when buying RAM. This can be foud by finding out by looking in the manual. Here higher is better but only up to the point that your motherbaord can take.

Get a stick of 512mb pc3200 RAM (has a bus speed of 400mhz). It won’t matter if your motherboard can’t handle it at top speed - it will just default to the top speed that it can handle. Since you have a P4, that speed will be either 333 or 400mhz. There is very little difference in price between pc2700 and pc3200 RAM, so go for the better stuff (incase you want to overclock or upgrade later on).

The CPU won’t be causing any lag, but you might want to defrag your hard drive if you haven’t done so already.

Also see if you can borrow the ORIGINAL disc from your friend (i stress for testing purposes only - you have to own the game to play it!). The copy that you have may well not be good enough, and if the game detects this, errors (such as blue screen) can appear.

p.s. if your card will work with another graphics intensive game such as doom 3, then the video card is fine :slight_smile:

hi ther all u have to do to sort that dam blue out is download the 1.2 patch i had the same problem now its sorted i can run every thin on high with no problem i have a nvidia fx 5900 xt hope this helps kinnawill :iagree: :iagree:

Better yet, download and install this to solve all your far cry problems:

Patch 1.3 out FINALLY!

i had this problem with 61.77 drivers. i just reverted to 56.56 and problem sorted :slight_smile:

ben :slight_smile:

6x.xx drivers have problems with NV3x hardware. NVIDIA is about to release a new 6x.xx driver in 2-3 weeks that is supposed to be WHQL certified for all NVIDIA cards, rather than NV4x only.

In Far Cry specifically, I see blue items myself sometimes, but very few and only when I overclock beyond the cards limits. Far Cry is very sensitive in video cards stability.