Help: My enhanced cd only plays the audio files!




My sony vaio finally died after 5 years, so with a new computer and new operating system time to back up some of my current music.

I recently dug up my Les Miserables CD with enhanced CD video images that I got back in the 90’s. Being reminded of these enhanced features, I was excited to insert the last disc (the Enhanced CD) expecting to have autoplay (as the instructions in the booklet said) to run the program (lm_ecd.exe). But , the computer seems to think this is only a audio CD.

I have attempted to right click and explore the disc to look for the exe file, but it only yields the cda files. Attempted to look in my Firefox browser, and even ran command to look for it in DOS, but all to no avail. My computer seems determined to think this is only an audio CD, rather than an enhanced CD as my past experience - and the booklet says.

If there are any suggestions that you can give or even lead me to where this was previously discussed I would appreciate any help in accessing the additional features on a CD that I purchased, not a copy - or a backup.

Hey I want what I paid for!!! :doh:




You could try IsoBuster to see if it finds the ROM session. Do you have any other Enhanced CDs you could try? You could also make your own for a test.




some drives only see the audio session of such a “enhanced” CD. Maybe a newer firmware will help there.
Or just install the old drive from your died computer as additional unit and try if this will play the disc.

Such “enhanced” CDs sometimes installed some “copyright enforcement driver” ([google]sony rootkit[/google]) upon autorun, so showing the audio section only might not be a bad idea at all :wink: