Help my DW1620 on B7W9 firmware is not producing good burns!

Pls help,

My recently flashed B7W9 firmware is not producing good burns…

I’ve burnt several RICOHJPN02 discs last night, and all of them have this characteristic “spike” in PI failures and errors at the start of the disc.

Anyone has any idea why my drive is not performing as well as it should? I use Nero CD-DVD Speed 4.01 and Nero Burning ROM

First, the burn is well within specs. That said,
What speed are you burning these at?
Did you eject the disc before running the quality scan?

In my opinion, the burn looks very good.

The PIE maximum of 37 near the beginning of the burn is slightly high, but is not anywhere near high enough to be of any real concern. The PIE total of 149,362 is also slightly high (over 100,000), but it is still in the “very good” range.

But the most important information is represented by the PIF’s since the PIF’s represent just how correctable the PIE’s are. The PIF maximum of 6 is in the very good to excellent range and is directly responsible for the “97%” quality score. The PIF total is only 624 which also indicates an excellent burn.

That said, consider just how difficult it is for the firmware engineers to create a proper burn strategy. A DVD manufacturer creates a new disk type and provides early samples to as many burner manufacturers as possible, so that they will add it to their firmware. The DVD manufacturer then goes into heavy production, and begins cranking out tens of thousands of these discs per month. Maybe the disc formulation is the same as the samples - but then again maybe it isn’t (quite). Perhaps there’s been a last minute tweak in the disc formulation (maybe due to a shortage of some material), or maybe they had to open an additional plant to keep up with demand, and the manufacturing equipment was calibrated slightly differently. Anyway, you get the idea.

So BenQ releases the first firmware based on early production samples of the discs and all is well. A few months later as they prepare to release a newer firmware, they decide to retest a newer batch of these discs. As expected there were some minor differences. Both older and newer discs with the same MID codes are being used/sold. Since one size fits all for any particular MID code, the BenQ firmware designer is forced to provide a compromise write strategy that is not optimum for either of the two discs, but is still acceptable for both discs.

The more advanced BenQ 1640 provides an optional solution to the above issue via solidburn. But I’ve seen solidburn take up to five or six burns before it is fully optimized for a particular media, so if you buy in small quantities this solution is not particularly useful. However, if you buy your discs in quantities of 100, it has the advantage that it will eventually optimize itself for your current batch of discs.

Hope this makes sense and is of some use…

This burn is a standard burn for a RicohJPN R02.

not really… i’ve burned about 50 RICOHJPN R02 discs with my 1620 so far and all i scanned (about every third disc) have an average PIE of 2-3. PIF are more or less the same as in GohWL’s scan or slightly better. all burned at 12x.


I scan every disc. :slight_smile:

So do I !!! But I use genuine gold face unbranbded Ricohjpn r02. GohWL does not tell us what barnd he is using. Anyway it’s not a bad burn at all.