Help! - My DVR-110D adds ticking sound to burns

Happy New Year, All!

Color me Newbie, but my brand new DVR-110d has the bad taste to plant a loud ticking sound on the left channel of everything I’ve burned. It sounds remarkably like a record scratch with its period and regularity. The picture is glitch-free.

I’m running OSX 10.3.9 on a dual 1GHz G4 Powermac with 2GB RAM, 1TB of internal HD space, over half of it available, and burning with Toast 7 titanium.

I’ve tried various media, and different files, burning both VCDs and DVDs, and reburning items I’ve burned on my previous burner with no problems. While this leads me to conclude the problem is in the DVR-110, I thought I’d just check with y’all if there was some silly little setting of which I should be aware in Toast. Did I simply forget to turn off the “constant ticking noise” switch on the audio panel? :doh:

Thanks to any and all who can help!

Yours with cheer… minus this little snag with the new burner… for the New Year!

Chris ~

Would not make really sense that it comes from “the burn”?!

Does this noise also appear when you play the content on your computer?

Hi, these DVDs and VCDs, are they already encoded and in ready to burn structures or is “Toast” performing any kind of alterations? If it is and you have no other software then see if it has an option to use a different audio format (ac3/mp3/wav). It would have to be an mp3 problem if VCDs were broken also. If you have the right software then you can demux the streams and just re-encode the audio from the original so you multiplex it in with the video.
You’ve rechecked the old (working) discs on that player as well as trying another player yeah?

Thanks for the quick response, guys!

Yuppers, as stated, I’ve reburned items already burned trouble-free on my previous (slow) burner, and I’ve used different types of media, with all settings configured for highest quality.

I’ve used both old and new encodings of items that play flawlessly in Quicktime. Burn speed doesn’t affect the tick, as I’ve begrudgingly done burn tests at 1x with the same results.

Now with further testing under my motherboard, I’m more convinced that the burner itself has a hickup… that is unless someone else out there has had the same experience. Anyone?


Chris ~

You didn’t say what devices you have tested the discs on?
Try copying the contents of one of the bad discs onto your HD and play from there. Also try scanning the disc with CD speed to see if it has read problems.

Try to extract wav audio track from burned CD with some software (for example under windows there is isobuster) and check them with a wave editor to find the gaps/glitch (under window for example CoolEdit).
Try also to extract audio with different CD burner/player.
My 110D burns perfect CD-Audio but if I use the burner as a CD player there are many glitch, so I think that analogic output has bad quality

Good call, Mitsu, (my bad for forgetting to mention)

I’ve run the discs on a JVC N510B, on my 17" powerbook, on the original 2X drive from my G4, and on the new 110D, all with the same ticking in the right channel.

The files that burned with the tick are files that I’ve reburned without problem on my other two burners, so, with these tests combined, I’m 99.367% certain my particular 110D has a hickup. I’ll just RMA it for another of the same model.

Many thanks to all for pitching in!

Chris ~

hi i had same problem went out of my mind .

the problem your drivers are shagged.

uninstall the drive ie go to deivce manager and uninstall drive

reboot pc

and no more ticking sound!

best wishes