Help my DVR-106 is driving me crazy

I have a DVR-106 that is burning discs that wont play all the way through on my DVD players. I have two Pioneer and one Apex player that all exhibit similar issues.

I burned a full 50 pack of Fuji -R’s with no problems. I then started using Verbatim +R’s and that’s when the fun started. The DVD’s are burning fine but when I go to play them somewhere in the 15-45 min range (it varies) the DVD will lock up or video will go blank and audio will continue. In one Pioneer they lock up, in another I get the no video listed above and in the Apex they get a bit choppy but keep playing.

This started with the 1.05 firmware, I upgraded to the RPC 1.07 firmware and I still had the same problem. I bought some cheap -R’s and they burn fine so I went out and bought some Maxell 4X +R’s and still having the same problems.

It seems like the +R’s are not burning properly, but the -R’s are which is contradictory to most of the issues I have read about compatibility.

CD Burning works fine, both audio and data @ 16X with any brand I throw at it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, I have seen this issue with Clone DVD and Nero 5.5.10. The system I am burning on is a AMD 1.4 Athlon with 1GB Ram, Win XP SP1, Asus A7V133. All components have the latest drivers.

What DVD+R media have you tried? To me this sounds like a low quality media problem.

I have tried Verbatim 2.4X +R’s and Maxell 4X +R’s and get the same result with both.

Get some 4X Riteks, I have now burnt 150 of them and they perfectly on EVERYTHING I have tried them on. All burnt on a Pioneer 106D.

i’ve burnt well over 50 DVD-r Ritek G04 with out problems. I have yet to try a DVD+r burn; I have always use dvd-r discs and not had any problems with ritek media

I took the +R’s back and got -R’s. I bought four 15 packs at Office Depot and they let me exchange all four even though I used four discs from one!

I am sticking to -R’s going forward.