Help - My DVD Burner will not read CDs/DVDs



I was in the middle of burning some videos (2 were successful) and on the 3rd copy the Sonic DVD program cancelled the burn. Since then my DVD will not read ANY media. I tried deleting the device and rebooting - no luck… I tried updating the drivers - no luck… I am able to eject the drive by right clicking on the d: drive so it is not that I have a loose connection… Any ideas on what to try next? It was working perfectly fine, nothing was changed/installed recently but in the middle of a burn it decided to give out - ARGH!!! It is fairly new - 4 months old. DVDRRW GSA-H20L (Lightscribe DVD+writer/CD-writer).


In device manager, uninstall both Primary and Secondary IDE’s, then reboot and let windows autodetect the devices and drivers. Then using a good brand of dvd’s (Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, or most other Made In Japan media), and try burning again. It sounds like you are using crap media, and when the burn failed, it put your device in PIO mode. If that isn’t the problem, then you could have a dead burner.


Good advise and suggestion to follow.