HELP! My Combo Drive Burns Too Slow!

I have an external DVD/CD burner combo hooked up to my computer. To my knowledge, it has never worked right. Right now I’m on downtime for work, so I have time to fix it after dealing with it for our busy time for the past 10 months.

Simply put, it burns too slow.
The device manager reads it as: ATAPI DVD DC 8x16x8 USB Device
I think the actual brand of it is I/O Magic with a product ID of IDVD16DLSE

Basically, it burns in between 3x and 4x everytime. There’s no getting around it. I got a tip to check the primary and secondary IDE channels. The secondary IDE channel was set to PIO, so I uninstalled that and changed it to DMA. They’re both currently DMA. I don’t think it’s a media problem, as we’ve always used Sony 48x CDs for burning.

Someone please point me in the right direction, thanks.

Hi and welcome!

Your drive is an external one connected via USB. And your CD burning speed does not exceed 4x. Correct?

Then the drive is probably connected to an USB port, that supports only USB 1.1. To achieve “full” speed, the drive has to be connected to an USB 2.0 interface. If your computer is not equipped with such, you’d have to install an USB 2.0 interface card. In that case, get one with NEC chipset, as this is the most compatible one.


Indeed, my computer has no USB 2.0 ports. Thanks for the info.