Help My Benq 1655 Is Just Clicking Now!

I have just tried to play a cdr disc in my benq1655 and now it just clicks and doesn’t actually register that there is a disc in the drive?. All it seems to do is just make a few clicking sounds and then stop any ideas on how to fix this problem would be most appreciated :clap:


grab a bootable CD (Knoppix or your Windows CD), adjust boot options in BIOS accordingly and see, if you can boot your computer with that.
Note: If you are using a Windows CD, then watch the screen, as it is required to press a key in order to boot.


I have tried that and to no avail, it just clicks clicks then nothing. I have had the writer for just over a year now do you think its packed up?

If so which is the best dvdrw out there nowadays?

Does your drive read any other CDs or DVDs? I’ve encountered such problems with badly recorded, or very scratched/damaged discs, in such cases the drive will try to read the media’s TOC (Table Of Contents), and if the disc is bad the disc will fail to load and can even make your PC to freeze.

If your drive cannot read anything anymore, then it’s time to upgrade! If you can find a BenQ 1650 or 1655 nowadays grab it! The newer BenQ models are most likely LiteOn drives in a BenQ box. These feature a different chip than the classic DW1650/DW1655 models which as far as I know are the last models to feature Philips’ Nexperia chip, (a favorite among fellow BenQ users).

Thanks for the reply, yeah it looks like its a dud now tried it on my mates and the same thing happened. Shame it has been 100% reliable up until now. Can you advise as to which model I should get, you mention liteon ? don’t really understand. The reason I got the 1655 was because it was recommeded to me by cd freaks forum and I believe it was the best dvdrw to buy at that time.

Also I am in UK any ideas where the best place is to get them ?

Phoned BENQ today they are sending out a replacement, turns out theres a 2 year warranty on their products well done BENQ! :slight_smile:

That’s great news! Don’t worry about the double posting, it’s a common new user error (I did it myself when I first joined this forum :o )

Just be prepared to chase up BenQ, I’m in the UK as well and I waited 3 months for them to deliver a replacement for my first faulty DW1655. In the meantime they sent me a 1640 and then a 1650 as replacements (but I rejected them both as I wanted the same model back because of the Lightscribe feature). But if they send you a 1640 instead, say nothing and keep it, for many users the 1640 is the best drive BenQ made, and they are very rare nowadays!