Help - my 2nd Hard Drive is not working!



I have just installed a 2nd Hard Drive (Seagate 320gb IDE).

I have left my original Hard Drive (75gb) as the Master. When I rebooted the computer it says that it had recognised the new hardware, being the Seagate.

When I right click “My Computer” then click on “Manage” and then “Disk Management” is shows the following:

Firstly my existing Hard Drive

Disk 0 (C:)_
Basic 74.55GB NTFS
74.55GB 74.55gb Healthy (System)

Then the Hard Drive I have just installed

Disk 1
Basic 298.00GB
298.09GB Unallocated
Online Disk

When I try to save something to the new HArd Drive it does not show up. Has anyone got any ideas or have had similar problems?

I’m not sure if I have set up the new hard drive correctly as a “slave” - how do I tell?

Please help.



You have to format it to a file system FAT32,NTFS etc… I use NTFS as you can have bigger files with it.

To set it up for slave you need to put the little jumper on the back of it to slave and it connects to the middle of your cable .


Could you please advise how I format it though. When I right click on the HD it doesn’t give me an option to format. It just says properties.

And what does NTFS mean?

Alos when I double-click on “My Computer” it doesn’t show the Hard Drive. It just shows the existing C: Drive


You should have a disc that came with it to format it? If it’s OEM meaning no software just drive you can go to the website of the mfg and download it.

Do a search for NTFS. Google is your friend.


Did you not get a disk with the drive if so it should have a program there to format it.
you can go here and get the installation wizard for seagate


NO they gave me no disk. :confused:


Download DiscWizard from the link above. :slight_smile:

I had a disc with my Seagate as it was retail boxed, and that’s what was on the disc IIRC.


Go here


:cool: :cool:


go here and download it

I would also go to acronis site and download there true image software and make a clone of your dive that you have now on the new one then make it your primary, If you use seagate software to clone the drive you will have to reload some software but acronis has a trial of there software that is simple and makes a complete clone. Once you have the old drive cloned you can change the new one to master and make the smaller drive the slave. If you do not need the room on the old drive just leave everything on it and you have a backup of your drive up to the day you cloned it.


[B]kanamint[/B], if you right-click on the new drive in “Disk Management”, you can 1st make partition(s) and 2nd format the partition(s).


Hi Guys

Thanks for all your assistance. I have managed to set up the partition and format the 2nd HD and it is now working perfectly.

Cheers - you guys are brilliant!


Some hard drives without first being formated are not going to be recognized by Windows after first installation.