Help: Multisession-DVD with NeroAPI




I’m using the SDK 1.5 and Nero Version V

I’m working on backup function with multisession functionality. Everthing works correct with CD-RW media. But using a DVD+RW media causes the following problem:
Burning to the DVD+RW returns always success (so far, so good), but when I browse (windows explorer) the DVD (after eject and reloading) I see only these files which I 've burned at the first and the last session.
Opening the DVD with the Nero-application, I can select all sessions I’ve created, which also contain the corresponding files. So it seems that all files were written correctly to the DVD, but the explorer ist not able to display all files.

Looking around in the forum I’ve learned that a DVD has always one track/session, that seems to be correct to me, because the increment of the session counter like I do when writing to CD-RW does not work with the DVD+RW. That means I always set “nSessionToImport” to 0 even if the “pVMSInfo->nvmsiNumSessions” is greater then 1.

I guess - or better - I hope, that’s not an big deal, but I have no idea what I make wrong this case.
Has anyone a hint - or better - a solution?

Thanks to all!


You are probably not importing the previous session correctly (or not at all) for DVDRWs. You should check for NCDIMF_VIRTUALMULTISESSION flag in ncdiMediumFlags field of NERO_CD_INFO structure. If this is set, you can get virtual multisession information using NeroGetVMSInfo(). You will find the number of previous virtual sessions in the NERO_VMS_INFO structure returned.

Finally, when importing with NeroImportDataTrack() specify NIITEF_IMPORT_VMS_SESSION flag and the requested virtual session number for the trackNumber parameter.