Help much appreciated!

Alright, I have a SOHW 812S, and a 25 pack spindle of Sony DVD+R which are RICOHJPNR01.

Now there are a few things that I’ve been reading about and i have no clue at all what the hell they are:

This firmware R01/R02 swap of some sort. what is it and what does it do?

Where to get a us0n/us0j firmware with some type of hack that allows faster reading, and that allows faster burning of media rated at slower speeds.

I also do not know how to change the booktype, I had set it in various utilities, but the last DVD+R I burned did not have it done. What do I do to set the booktype?? do I have to put in a DVD+R and write the booktype, and then burn it, or what?

I just want to be able to make some home videos, back up files, and occasionally copy/burn a DVD-ROM. I just want to figure all this stuff out, I’ve been looking around for hours and it’s frustrating how I can only find discussions and people listing charts from disc scanning utilities, which dont help me much.

thanks a lot in advance.

Yea, it’s a mess out here. A lot of the things that you’re talking about (R01/R02 swap, for example) are no longer relevant and have been superceded by something else.

Please realize that if you just want some simple burning, using the latest official US0N from the LiteOn website will suit your needs just fine. Everything else is really just tweaks that people do to try to slicken up their drive and get the most performance out of it. So if you want to keep it simple, just use the official US0N, and there’s no need for bitsetting (unless you find that your discs are having compatibility problems)

Now, if you do want to polish up your drive, then continue reading…

1/ Download the stock US0N from my website (not from the LiteOn website… the one on my website works well with the OmniPatcher)

2/ Download the OmniPatcher from my website.

3/ Load the firmware (812S.US0N.stock.exe) into the OmniPatcher.

4/ Select RICOHJPN/R01/02 and enable 6x and 8x burning speeds on it. Tick the auto-bitsetting box (so you won’t have to bother with using a tool if you want to booktype your burns), tick the “shift-fixing” box, and then save the file.

5/ Now double-click on the custom-patched US0N firmware that you just created to run the flasher that will load the firmware into your drive. :wink:

Thanks! I was hoping you would reply, you seem to have done so much for the DVD burning community…

one more question, since if you use “bad” media, you would get skips and problems reading it from a DVD player, but what about storing data? if I burned some data on a disc that would be hard to read on a DVD player, would it be totally useless then? or is my burner almost always going to be able to read it?

And how do I choose which booktype setting?

and also, if I have booktype on DVD-ROM, I can still make one that’s an open session (assuming thats what it’s called… i’m still used to dealing with CD’s) disc where I can add more things to it later on?

I dunno how people on this forum feel about double posts, but I have to say, I don’t understand why Lite-on hasn’t hired you or at least made you a millionare yet…

some rich person with a lite-on drive should give you a nice donation.

DVD players tend to be pickier than DVD burners when it comes to reading. So if it’s a data disc, then I guess you’re fine, since you’ll be reading with a less picky device. However, you should note that bad media, especially Princos, AN3x, etc., do have a tendency to quickly degrade over time (even when burned well), and there have been people who have had Princos containing data backup go bad on them in a few months. So if the data is really important, I would stay away from bad media to avoid that kind of a risk.

And how do I choose which booktype setting?

The official LiteOn website has a utility that lets you change the booktype setting. If you use autobitsetting, then your drive will automatically booktype your discs unless you run the LiteOn utility to tell it otherwise. If you don’t use autobitsetting, then your drive will not booktype your discs unless you run the utility to tell it otherwise. If you intend to booktype all your discs, then you can just turn on autobitsetting and never bother with the utility.

and also, if I have booktype on DVD-ROM, I can still make one that’s an open session (assuming thats what it’s called… i’m still used to dealing with CD’s) disc where I can add more things to it later on?

My guess is that it would have no effect, as DVD-writers have the ability to determine a discs true type even if its booktyped (booktyping can’t fool a DVD burner). However, as I’ve never ever used multisession before, that is only a guess…

Okay, thanks, I guess my last question isnt all that important because I’ll just get a few DVD+RWs and use those. They can be recorded a decent amount of different times, correct? I think CD-RW’s are supposed to be able to record thousands of times.

Ah another thing that I had forgot.

Will my RICOHJPNR01 burn at 8x? if not, is it okay for data?

I have about 60 or so discs worth of data backup that I made with RICOHJPNR01 burned at 8x. Each and every one of them turned out perfectly. :slight_smile:

Though RICOHJPNR01 can be [thread=96429]variable in quality[/thread], and not all batches can handle 8x, so you should be careful and make sure that you have a good batch. Try burning one disc at 8x and see how it turns out.

I see. Good thing I decided to get these Sony discs. pretty cheap too. $25 for 25 at Staples.

I just used your Omnipatch utility, it is great.