Help! mtkwinflash broke my cd drive

Heres the problem

i lost my cd driver so i looked for one but i couldnt find the excact one so i used one that was close to it.( my cd drive is HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC 4481B and i found 4480b)

the zip file came with mtkwinflash so i used that, after the completion bar was filled it just stayed there and nothing else happened so i turned the power off.

when i turned my pc on, it just froze (at the hp screen) i tryed going in to bios but it was frozen.

i opened the pc and unplugged the cd drive ide cable from the motherboard and then restarted my pc and then it was able to load windows. i went into bios and selected “none” for the secondary primary setting on the ide.
i then plugged the cable back in to the motherboard, it can load windows now without having to unplug the cable.

the cd drive still doesnt open, its not detected by the device manager.
I dont know what to do,

Can someone please help me?

Please don’t crosspost. Is against the rules of forum and create confusion between users.

You cannot blame mtkwinflash for your “broken” drive.

Use mtkflash in REAL DOS and I suggest you read the instructions carefully before using the flasher.