[Help] MP3 to MP4 converter

I have a iPod (Which I’m not very fond of) and I recently started converting my mp3 collection from Yahoo Music, Music Match, and Rhapsody to my iPod. I well I have encountered a lot of problems with them. My iPod will create 2 Artist files for the same artist. 2 ablums for the same album and so on. I also experience the audio dropping in volume in the middle of the song. Is there a converter than can do this?

This is the only thing I have found.

About the volume problem… It sounds like something is wrong with your iTunes installation or your iPod.

About the duplicate entires… are you sure that your program is deleting the originals when it creates the MP4s?

Why are you converting MP3 to MP4? Not only will the files sound worse (double lossy conversion), but the ipod already plays mp3s. There’s no need to convert.

I am converting them. I guess what I really mean is that I want something that will organize so they won’t repeat even when it is the same artist/album.