Help moving movie to IPOD

I am totally lost as to what to do–and please give any answers in very small words :o
I just downloaded the latest version of DVDFab Platinum (not the beta) and am trying to move some of my movies to my IPOD. Starting with “XMen The Last Stand”. And really just guessing as I go along because there are no instructions anywhere I can find!! And I am really not intuitive about this stuff.
Anyway, I think I converted it OK. When it started, it named the file Stanford Bridge (??)–I did change the name in the second step to “XMenTheLastStand”. So I ended up with 2 files? Stanford Bridge.title1.dvdrip and XMenTheLastStand.title1.dvdrip.
I was able to import both of those to iTunes–and they will both play on iTunes. And according to iTunes, both should be on my IPOD–but I can’t find them anywhere! I have looked under movies (where they should be), under videos, TV shows, anywhere I can think. Can anyone help me? I am going to California for a week tomorrow and thought how fun it would be to take some movies with me. Thanks so much!

you have to let itunes control the copy onto your ipod - read your Ipod instructions or help screens.

You can’t just copy them to the Ipod hard drive using windows because they don’t then show up as IPDO movies.

It’s not a problem with DVDfab , it’s to do with the restrictive way in which apple software works.

So try drag and drop into the correct area within itunes.

My movies are on itunes. I have put them on three ways–drag and drop into the movie section, import files, and add files to library. If I pull up the movie section of itunes and click on the movie, it starts playing. I just can’t get it to my ipod. I have looked in the movies, video, tv shows, any possible place that it could be on my ipod. I honestly don’t know any other way to get them over there.
When I sync, it even says that it is syncing the movie–I just can’t find it if it’s there. Oh, and I also tried to convert the files (under the advanced tab on itunes)–it said the files were already converted to the proper format. It still didn’t help to sync them

you need some help from Ipod/itunes experts then.
All I know is that I made a couple of IPOD movies for my son, using DVDFab , and he got them loaded & working on his Ipod - so it is possible.
I’d look around for an itunes forum.