Help, miserable MCC 004 with BenQ 1640 :(


bought a new spindle 50pcs at Verbatim Advanced Azo+, Media Code MCC 004, WOPC On, SB OFF, FW BSLB, and hoped for exdcellent results at 16x speed. However, this is what I got. What is going wrong there?



The PIF spikes around 3-4GB is a trademark of BenQ 1620/1640 burned @16x on DVD+R only (not on DVD-R). The spikes only exist when scanned in BenQ or Lite-On drives and do not exist when scanned in Plextor or NEC drives.

There is also a possibility of variable batch even within the same spindle. How many MCC004 have you tried to burn?

Interesting. so which drive is correct?

If this batch isn’t up to par, maybe Jackie should try burning at 12X or even 8X. I’ve got some Sony DVD+R’s that gave me a 50-79% quality at 16X but 95-96% at 8X.

Hi :slight_smile:
An example of MCC 004 writen @ 12x couple of days ago with SB/OS/WOPC all enabled. S/W used CloneDVD2.

Oh my god, burned at 12x, now I get a score of ZERO (0), why that?



Quality score is zero because there are 172 POF

can you return this stuff?

I guess it’s that what zevia already mentioned, the batch. I had similar results and with more than 2000 pofs. Lookin here post #112
Maybe made in india stuff?

Hello !

I quite concur that MCC 004 are highly variable.
I also ploughed through miserable spindles made in India or in Taiwan.

To-day I just came across a 10-pack of photo printable jewel cases with QS 99.
The attachment shows a disc burned on a 1655 but am sure the others will give similar result on a 1640.

Now, I’m wondering whether the factor to look for is discs in jewel case or photo printable discs.
Anybody has an experience on photo printable discs ?

Yes, it’s made in India, bought at xmediatrade in germany. Any other users with similar experience?



Hi :slight_smile:
Unfortunately MCC 004 (MII) has been questionable for some time. You can return it & get something else. Or, you can enable SolidBurn to see if this situation is recoverable. Personally I’d try SB. If it works then the end result should be on a par with that of other on the forum. MCC 004 in essence is good media.

Thanks zebadee for your answer. Where would you return it, to xmediatrade or directly to verbatim? Do you have any contact address?



Hi :slight_smile:
Not sure how you’d go about this. I’m in the UK. For me the retailer is the first port of call. I’ve found this works for me in the majority of cases. On the odd ocassion when it hasn’t I’ve either written them off, or kept them as test discs for when new f/w has come out. That said I tend to stick to tried & tested media/sources. If/when trying new media/source, the first batch is usually just a small quantity.
If you have no luck with retailer/on-line supplier. Perhaps main importer for that media, for your area. Manufacturer would probably be a last resort. However this may be a very different case for you. Verbatim seems more approachable in europe than the UK.

MCC MIJ owns but my own MIT ones own too.

I too have gotten heh results with MCC 004. 8 to 12 pif all the time. I’ve tried SB on and after 7-8 discs, the results remain the same. On other hand hand the TYG02 media has been brilliant. Highest pif I’ve gotten is a 7. Average is 6. Lowest was 3.

Jackie78 you got what you paid for; “Rohlingen zu Discountpriesen!” (in english: discs for discount price).

Read xmediatrade’s conditions for details about returning media. Note also, this company is located in Luxenbourg, a country known for many “online consumer complaints”.

Nex time you better buy your media from trusted shops in your own country (Germany). My recommendation is os-mediatrade.

Yes but i think that has nothing to do with this. I’ve mine purchased in a local pc store where i’ve paid more than in some onlineshops, and finally got crappy batches. From xmediatrade i’ve ordered printable TY’s and it was still ok.

[I]off topic[/I]

Hmm, I think you missed my point. If you take your time and read the thread and this post again you’ll see Jackie78 simply wan’t his bad media replaced with good ones.

I have no idea how much you know about consumer rights in EU but some online shops in the country I mentioned are not even responding to emails…
I once got a damaged 25-spindle from os-mediatrade, just emailed them and got response/answer within 24 hours. My spindle was replaced and posted the same day!, without a question.
That’s the difference between “trusted shops” and other less consumer friendly online shops.

BTW, already the wording [I]“Discountpriesen!”[/I] raises a signal of warning. (Note also [I]nierle’s[/I] advertising; [I]“rohlinge fast geschenkt”[/I]. :rolleyes: )

Sorry, i didn’t miss the point. I understand what you’ve meant, but what i’d like to say is that it’s sometimes not only related to where i order my media. Personally to me it makes no difference where you order media, from a discounter or a “trusted shop”, regarding to the quality of the media in case you know both shops are offering the same quality media. And trusted shops are better when we’re looking on consumer rights, well that’s ok but maybe not for customer support. The same os-mediatrade is also well known for their “great customer service”, i’ve ordered a few times from them and once i got the wrong media TYG02 instead of YUDEN000 T02 sending them a few mails and guess what, no answer. After 2 days i’ve tried to call them directly to solve this problem, and i’m not the only one who had similar problems with this shop, you’re maybe just a lucky guy! :wink:

Well, I have once gotten bad batches of Verbatim DVD+R even from Amazon (germany), and it was difficult to get them replaced, simply because they are selling that stuff but obviously don’t have the personell that has some basic knowledge about optical media at all. So finally, the media was replaced by Verbatim.

My point is: when I buy Verbatim Azo+, I expect to get the highest quality availble on the market, no matter where they produce it or how much I pay for it, it is their job to ensure constant quality. If they fail to do so, they are not worth buying. I will contact both of them, Verbatim and xmediatrade, and see what they will say or do. I will post their reaction here if you are interested.

Btw, the reorder number of my spindle is 43550, is there any possibility to see if this could be fake media? I don’t think it is, but I just want to be sure.