Help microsoft with their source code

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Microsoft will thursday announce plans to provide customers and third party software developers with greater access to the source coding and details of MS products. In other words people can get…

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hehehe they sure could use a little help :slight_smile:

You can say that again! :4

i have mixed feelings about this, on one hand virus writers and hacking program creaters may be able to use some of the code to use fro malicious purposes. on the other hand programmers can integrate their programs better and enjoy a better windows environment by fixing code and giving it to Microsoft so they can have a fixed version for their next releases or patches e.g windows xp. :slight_smile: Thanks for reading me LOL :7

i say this is a good move. it may seem that microsoft not only wants the money of customers, but also the trust of customers.

Microsoft want others to write their programs for them and then call it their intellectual property? They’ve already got half of the world’s population beta testing for them free of charge. I’ll say one thing on Bill’s behalf, his products may suck, but he’s no fool! :8