Help! Media for my 851S?



Ok, I need some help.

I want to buy a spindle of GOOD MEDIA for my 851S.

I got some no-name Prodisc R02’s… they are great except the end of the disc is garbage (I assume because they’re cheap store-brand discs).

CMC F01 is of course right out, which rules out a lot of what’s on sale on store shelves locally.

I bought a 50-pack of Fuji +R 8x’s, which are Taiyo Yuden T02’s… they turn out HORRIBLE numbers on KProbe… but surprisingly most (if not all) of them still work in my DVD player.

So is there something wrong with my machine that’s causing horrible KProbe scans (with the latest version) or do I just need to order up some specific media?

Are RICOHJPN going to do the trick for me? I just want to burn at 4x reliably without having to check each and every disc afterwards.

I would love to just order up some discs from NewEgg at a reasonable price.

Help!? Advice!?


Gurm, Lite Ons generally perform not so good burns on DVD-R media. If you got DVD+Rs you might want to try codeguy’s firmware (CG3B) which provides excellent DVD+R results. If you got the Yuden DVD-Rs you might want to run the Sony Firmware YV06 or something…it’s on codeguy’s website as well. You can crossflash your 851s to it. This firmware provides excellent DVD-R results. Good luck!


There’s a sticky thread: What DVD media should I use with my LiteOn DVD burner?
If your burner is Liteon, you should read it first (as suggested by its sticky status). Enjoy the reading :slight_smile:


Sorry. I’ve been a member here for HOW MANY months and I just completely missed that sticky?