Help me

Hi i need help on buring Raven Shield CD2 can somebody help? I had no problem with CD1 but CD2 won’t write because it says error or something like that… I’m guessing its because of CD-protection thingy so can somebody please help me? i read at “” about somebody with similiar problem but i’m like really new to this sorta stuff so please help me out and give step by step instructions :wink:

My set up is
Pent 4 2.4Ghz (O/C to 3.01Ghz)
Samsung CD-Rom SC-140C
Nero CD Burning Software

and i’m currently downloading Alcohol since it seem to work.

The 2nd CD has SafeDisc 2.80 on it. You can back it up with your burner. When reading the image, there should be a lot of read errors coming up. But I don’t know about your writing error. Could you please tell us what the error is.

Well here is what i did (which didn’t work):

Put CD2 in Samsung
Put Blank CD-R in ATAPI CD-RW
Turn on Alcohol 120%
Click on Image Making Wizard on left panel
selected the source device/disc as Samsung Cd-Rom with read speed at 20X
i click on the list with the data which is the file i want to make it as a image
I have all settings off (including skip reading error)
And for Datatype i put it in as Safedisc 2/3
Selected the save location in my Desktop (so i can easily retrieve it)
Image’s name is RShield_CD2
Image’s format as Medis Descriptor Image File (*.mds) - (I dont’t know which file to chose and i want to be able to burn it on my blank cd)(i have 10gb left so i have enough room)

i have all option on as default

thats whats i did with the alcohol 120% thing but with my regular Nero Burning Software i just click on
Copy CD
Source as Samsung (I have fast-copy off)
Burn option at 16x
HERE IS THE PROBLEM ( or i think )
Its Reading the Disc… and ALLL THESE ERRORS COME UP… and seeing all those i just cancel it because i doubt it’ll work…
(sorry if i mislead you to think that it was burning which it isn’t because i’m having errors at reading it)
the error is
-Unrecoverable Read Error at 00:##:##- starting with 00:12:74

As I said before a SafeDisc protected game brings up read errors when reading. Just sit back, watch them accumulate, and around about sector 10,000~10,500 they should stop, and the reading should speed up and by the end you will get a good image. BTW do NOT use nero. Stick with just Alcohol.

The .mdf and the .mds files come together, and as long as they are in the same folder when it comes time to burn, you shouldn’t have any problem.

Thx it worked out but now the problem is that the RvSCD2 is like 800Mbs… any suggestion? and oh yeh thats only the .mdf file and why can’t alcohol show the .mds file?

The file size is NOT the actual size of the CD. The bigger file size takes into account all these other things. Just burn your file and it should turn out to be OK.

The .MDF file is made along with the .MDS file. The .MDF file is the image itself, and the .MDS file is it’s burning info. Go into the folder where you selected to save the image, and if you haven’t moved anything, both the files should be there.