Help me

those guys, (Twilight, Maxxx, Blade, etc. etc.), are their cds\dvds burned on home computers? or are the cds sent to a cd factory who makes the cds just like an orginally cd i buy in the shop? is that what you call silver cd?

what if i live outside U.S?
does the good guys check whats on the cd when its sent via snail-mail? i dont wanna get fucked up by cops.

dam it, lots of quiz, but i simply just have to know…
hope anyone can help me…

All of the WarezCD crews you mentioned make normal CDs, not burned CDs. When you go to a dealer to buy a CD you can often choose between Silver or Gold disks.

Silver CDs are just like normal CDs that you buy in a store.

Gold CDs are burned with a CD-Burner, on CD-r disks, and cheaper to buy than silver.

“Gold” and “Silver” come from the colour of the disks.

The Big Man won’t check your snail-mails unless your dealer writes something real dumb on the envelope. Or if he slips in some weed.