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HI.I have got 400 songs in my pc.i want to copy/burn them on a dvd and play them in my car.the problem is that i will have to press the next track button 400 times on my dvd player to go the last song.The dvd player of my car has got a screen(lcd) and it also give menus when i play movies.can any one please tell me about a software which can create menus or playlists through which i get a list of 20 songs per page and i can make 20 pages to see the name of all my songs and access them easily.It is a touch screen dvd/mp3 player so please tell me about a good software.thnx in advance :bow:

i forgot to mention that it is a touch screen player

The car player either has that ability or it doesn’t. There likely isn’t anything you can do to alter how the player functions. You may also need to verify it actually supports mp3 on DVD, not all of them do. Assuming it does, it likely has some sort of feature like you want already built-in. What is the make and model of the player?

it supports sure.ive played on dvd like that before.i bought a dvd that had iron maiden’s 7 albums.and the main menu showed those 7 albums along wid pics.when i touch and open em it gives a list of 11 songs

i just want you to tell me about a software that i can use to burn songs on a dvd from my pc in the same manner so that they are easy to access.

its just like a menu that you get when you play a dvd movie on your pc.i.e.subtitles,chapters etc. :confused:

any software???

DVD’s are created using what is referred to as authoring software. I’ve tried using it for audio only, though I guess it would work for that. I’ve never seen anything specific to music as the disc you describe above sounds custom made.

Try here: