Help Me!

Ok i decided to take up a hobby called Urban Tv to pass the time & also to keep my mind on sum thing instead of following the rest of my friends and doing criminal activities ! lol. No ive bought a samsung dvd camera n started filming to do a dvd of my friends etc etc. No ive burnt the dvd n finalised it etc n copyed it to a bigger size disk so it ill go into the slot into my laptop, now i was wundering if someone could help me with my problems ! i cnt figure out how to get all the footage into a mpeg and play properly. i think the dvd may nt b in the right format but i do have the video_ts folder with the vob files etc. so anyone no how i could go about getting them into a mpeg and play properly ! thanks so much in advance !

There are a lot of good video edit programs out there. I like commercial stuff from Ulead, mostly. Ulead Video Studio 10 and DVD MovieFactory 5 are good.

you can download functioning trials at their site:

You can import the video into the video editor, trim and edit the video then save as an MPEG file if you want to. Or you can make it back into a DVD, only with all the edits and stuff included.

Sorry it was late when i wrote this i didnt explain myself very well, when i took the movie off my camera its was fine ive ripped it on dvd and everything is messed up the videos judder if u no what i me, like they play but they are not running properly. like tiny pauses every second so to say.

How did you get the video from the camera to the DVD?

Are you running the video off the Hard Drive or the DVD? Does it stutter off the Hard Drive?

I got the video from the camera because its a dvd camera iv tried running it from both the dvd and the hard drive n it still stutters. But runs fine on the camera? Thanks 4 helping me out ! waiting on ya reply !

You say in your original post that you burned the dvd to “a bigger size disk so it ill go into the slot into my laptop”. I’m assuming your original disk is a mini-disk?

Your problems with stuttering sound like media problems. But that shouldn’t happen off the hard drive. What brand of dvds are you using?

How exactly did you go from the mini disk to the larger one? And how did you transfer the video_ts file to the hard drive? Did you go straight from the camera or via the larger dvd disk?

ok ill run u though it. i recorded onto my camera onto a 8cm EMTEC DVD then dragged the files from that dvd to desktop, burnt a new full size dvd with the video_ts file and it runs but stuttery then placed the video_ts file from the full size dvd on desktop and that runs funny to. all media plays funny other then in the camera. any ideas on wat to do? thanks.

The first set of files that you dragged off the mini-dvd onto the desktop—do they play correctly in your media player on the computer? You should be able to play them in WinDVD, PowerDVD or something similar that has a dvddecoder buiilt in. Windows Media Player doesn’t have one natively, but can use a dvd decoder codec if you have one installed. If you can play that original downloaded video with no stutter on the computer, then your problems are either in your burning program, or more likely in the quality of the full sized dvds that you are trying to burn to.

As a general rule, the best blank dvds are made by Taiyo Yuden and Mitsubishi. TY can be bought online at many places like or The Mitsubishi disks can be found locally under the brand name Verbatim.

If the original downloaded video that you have on the hard drive also stutters when you try to play it, I’m at a loss. I’m not sure how it could play well on the camera, but not transfer it correctly to the hard drive. You’re just playing the mini-disc in the dvd drive to transfer–yes?

Confirm the hard drive is running in UDMA mode, not PIO.

i took my mate shooting the other night and he got footage of wild pigs nd stuff and put it onto DVD cd for me it works perfectly but… No sound?! please help!! :bow: