Help Me! Xbox coasters

I recently bought a sony dvd burner, which i later found out was a rebranded liteon. To me that is fucked up, advertising standards should cover that.

Anyway, It’s burning quite a few coasters for my xbox (I doubt its the media because its g05, plain printable ridata discs which worked on my old xbox with my old burner).

So i’m thinking of buying another burner and taiyo yuden disks, the question is what is a good dvd burner, should i go with a Pioneer DVR-110DSV? I’ve heard that pioneer are good. Please people, i need your proffesional opinion, i don’t want to shell out for another paperweight and bunch of coasters.

Thanks in advance

The NEC 3540A would be a good choice. As for the G05, that doesn’t surprise me as they ARE NOT good media and the Lite-Ons are notoriously fussy burners. Did you try updating the firmware? I seriously recommend checking out before going through buying a new burner/media. Might save you some money. Also what process are/were you using to backup your XBOX games?

Thanks for the reply Jesterrace, I don’t back up the games myself, I download scene releases which have to be top notch to avoid getting nuked. I have upgraded the firmware and still no luck.

What media would you recommend? Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden are supposed to be good, which one should i go for?

Thanx in advance

As always, I will recommend Taiyo Yuden. Okay you did pick them up but what method did you use to convert them (or were they already ISO files?) and what program to burn them to disc? These things do matter. I sure hope you weren’t using Nero 7. Lots of people having problems with that.

Okay, I will order some Taiyo Yuden, and if they don’t do the trick i’ll buy a new drive.

The games i download are already xiso’d, so i need only burn them. I have been using dvd decryptor to burn them, although i have burned a couple with nero. Both seem to give the same results.

Are all NEC drives high quality? The one you recommended isn’t easy to find, though i did find a couple.

Also what are the best to burn on, dvd+r’s or dvd-r’s?

Thanks for your input.

It wont let me edit for some reason.

I cant find taiyo yuden dvd+r’s anywhere, could anyone recommend a good online store that sells them. In particular i am looking for a 50 box of 8x dvd+r’s.

Okay, do you happen to have an old Bios/modchip on your system? (in other words do you need to patch the default.xbe before they work). For game consoles I ALWAYS recommend DVD-R. As a whole they are more universally compatible with the various drives, different versions, ect. and you don’t have to worry about setting the booktype to DVD-ROM. Don’t get me wrong, +R will work fine on most consoles (provided you set the booktype to DVD-ROM) but a quality DVD-R disc has definitely proven to be the least hassle across all consoles/DVD-ROM drives.

K the Taiyo Yudens didn’t improve things too much, so i ordered the drive you recommended. Hope this sorts things out. I wish i saw your post in time though, i bought +r’s. I’ll buy -r’s next time. Thanks for your help.