Help me with unitech



i just bought a cd which in smartburn and cdr-ident. looked like made by UNITECH JAPAN INC or RAMEDIA.
can you shed some light on which kindda media it is?
i’ve never heard this manufact. before. is it good, medium or bad?


Unitech, any relation initech? :smiley: Anyways, have you tried using to get the full manufacturer ID off of the disc?


What did the CDR Identifier say exactly?



Disc Manufacturer: Unitech Japan Inc.


Manufacturer Maybe = Ramedia


Unitech’s Intermedia branch used to manufacture DVD media in Japan (with UTJR and IMC JPN codes), but I didn’t know they made CDs as well. I am not sure what happened to them, but you can still find some old stock sold under the Unifino brand. They were very good media, better than Maxell… I still have about 30 pieces left.

Here’s a sample scan of a 4x DVD-R disc burned at 8x by BenQ DW1640.

I hope their CDs are just as good.