Help me with these files!

downloaded some files i need to burn on to cd so they work,

but how

they list like this


what do i use or do

Going to take a big leap of faith here and assume these are leagally downloaded files.

The program to use is mentioned in the file names…CloneCD…that is the program you should use to burn the image onto CD.

However, if this pertains illegally downloaded files, I must direct you to the rules and say that this is highly illegal on this forum, consequences then are obvious…

you can use clone cd or alcohol 120%. but like the guy before me said those are probably not legal files. a quick internet search will find out though.

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and the results are:

Relevance: 100% - Availability: 4 - Size: 79 Byte

Rating: 3.01 Type: (img) Size: 602.63M

pretty damn low to be an illegal file of any popular program. you are lucky. no results were found on the winmx network either.