Help me with ND2500A

I found that driver :
NEC 8X Black DVD+/-RW Drive, Model ND-2500A/GW, OEM Bulk
in this link

I wonder why it’s only 61$ and what the differnt between it and other ND 2500A that offer on Newegg???

I also wonder if it could flashed into 2510A or not??
Please help me???
Thank so much!

My guess is that the lower-priced drive does not come with any bundled software. If you already have a full copy of Nero and anything else you wish to use, this shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

And yes, you’ll be able to flash ND-2510A firmware onto the ND-2500A, effectively making it double layer compatible! :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


thank alot, but I have a ? more
in the model number : Model ND-2500A/GW, OEM Bulk
what is “/GW” is?

Ask newegg, they invented that “GW” nomenclature out of thin air.