Help me with my NEC 3550A DVD witer!

hi. i perchased NEC 3550A dvd witer few days ago and my problem began! the drive doesnt recognize 90% of dvds. it is ok with cd and audio ones. when i insert a dvd my power dvd.6 says “there is no disk in the drive!”( or sth like that!) when i go to the drive it seems like a blank dvd.i updated the firmware, motherboard bios, VGA adaptor. i have changed my IDE cabel and now it is 80 pin. there is no difference between primary slave, sec. master or sec. slave. i have tried all ! my OS is now XP SP2. the DMA is also active and the hardware acceleration is on. finally i tried the damn dvd drive on another PC and it worked very good !! even very scratchy and damaged dvd, played without problem. plz help me! can it be an incompatibility issue?? if so, what can i do?I have nothing more to do !!!

ps: the mother board is soltek sl-85dr3-c . cpu 2.4 intel full, if it is the matter of concern.

Hi and welcome to the forum.

I don’t have any personal experience with this type of problem, but since no one more knowlegable has spoken up, I guess I’ll take a crack at it. Have a look at this thread and note what it says in the “Software configuration check” part of the post about Intel IDE drivers.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


I have one of these and TBH I think that it is not a very good drive.
I RMA’ed mine and was told that the drive was fine. It would lock up the whole computer when a CD-r was put into it, and was not able to burn any DVD disk I tried in it and would always fail on the burn.

I have moved it to other computers and nothing changed, sorry I cant offer more help than that, but I have got another since to replace it, there could be a firmware fix, but if NEC dont admit to a problem I cant see how to fix it.