Help me with DVD decrypter and CloneDVD

I am a dirty newb. For all you advanced people out there…please help me I will be eternally greatful!!

I have dvd decrypter and CloneDVD. When I use the decrypter and save it to a VIDEO_TS folder, and then try to open the folder using CloneDVD to write the files to a DVD it tells me that it cannot open the file containing the .VOB and .IFO files. I am really just trying to find a way to take an encrypted movie with an RCE protection and put it onto a DVD-R, and also be able to compress it so it will fit onto a 4 gig DVD-R. For example, if I have a 8 gig encrypted DVD, how do I rip it and put it on a DVD-R?? What are the best programs and do I need to put on any specail options for it to work properly? SOMEONE HELP ME BEFORE I GO INSANE PLEASE!!!

A Dirty Newb

try this