Help me with 451s


I need backup eeprom for 451s that was wrong updated. Now the light of DVD remain always on and the open button doesn’ t work.
I haven’ t make a backup before update.

Please anyone can send me?


ps. sorry for my bad english :o

stop… u can’t use EPPROM from other Optical drive … if something fails when u was updating it … so u was flashing it right ?

1 - is drive detected by bios and then windwos? if yes download Firmware from and flash it
2 - if its not detected download Firmware from same site and using Firmware *.BIN file + flassh it :slight_smile:

should work … then use and reset media learnt …

i think :stuck_out_tongue:

I have update eeprom with different 451s eeprom not with wrong firmware. The drive is correct detected by bios and by windows but the led is always on and i can’t open it with button. It seems being freeze.

The update of eeprom was ok but the drive don’ t work. I haven ‘t make a backup of my eeprom and I want try another eeprom. I know that the eeprom is unique for my drive but i can’ t use it so i wanna try.

I can flash drive firmware without problem in windows.

u updated epprom whit epprom from other drive ? o.0

yes :o

the eeprom is for same model: 451s but don’ t work

whitout backuping it ? =/ ohh i realy dont know …
but u see other epprom wont help …

I think the only 1 who can help are: code65536,C0deKing

w8 for their respond

wish u luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I try to send them pm.

It’s very odd that the light stays on and the tray wont work, if you just loaded another 451S’ EEPROM into the drive. Usually the drive will still work but the burn quality is very bad.

I can send some 451S EEPROM files for you to try but the light and tray worries me. Send me an email and I’ll supply the files. You’ll find the address on my site. :wink:

Thanks a lot :bow:

The eeprom that i have flashed i have been downloaded form web. Must be error in eeprom file.

The drive reborn with new eeprom. Many thanks to Codeking.

I think it’s good scan (see attachment)

Glad I could help. Yes, that does look good. :slight_smile:

And this thread may save you some time in the future. :wink: