Help me upgrade my DW800A



Hey all, I’m new to the forum and CD Freaks, I’ve been looking around and reading some threads, pretty useful stuff around here.

I seem to be having a problem upgrading the firmware on my BenQ DW800A, I have the following firmware releases:

<— Gap in the alphabetical listing, am I missing something?

I have succesfully upgraded through the firmwares to b2j7 but any of the b3 upgrades fails. Am I missing an upgrade/s between b2j7 and b3b7? I have a stack of DVD-R media that I got free from and would really like to be able to use them as I understand the b3d7 firmware allows dual-format capabilities.

Thanks, Joe


B3D* firmwares are dual format, and are not free. You must purchase the B3A7 firmware update from Benq, then proceed to update to the newer B3D* firmwares.


Hey thanks for that info, never saw mention of that on any of the firmware sites I looked at. Off I go to :slight_smile:


I have successfully flashed my DW800A with the B3A7 firmware. I have burned one movie (xXx) to a DVD-R! The entire movie ran flawlessly. Not bad for $10 :bigsmile:

I can burn Verbatim 4X +R media @ 8X with no issues and I can burn -R media which is pretty much all I wanted to be able to do. I’m not concerned about player compatability, I don’t loan my burned DVD’s and I play them through my PC to the TV. Are there any advantages to flashing the drive with the rest of the B3 firmwares?