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I bought a sample pack of 5 different medias to test out. All are 16X DVD-R. Im using an NEC 3540A. After I burn the disc I do a test with cd/dvd speed and Im a bit confused with the results. maybe it’s just because Im not understanding how to read the 2 graphs,( the errors and failures.)I tested an OptoDisc 16X DVD-R and the 2 graphs were reading a bit high but my quality score was a 96 which I think is good. I test a Taio Yuden 16X DVD-R and the 2 graphs did not get too high up the scale but it got a quality score of 7. Can anyone explain this to me please :confused: I went to the cd speed web site to see how to read the graphs better but it didnt even show me what was a too high or too low a graph reading.

1st: look at the spikes, forget total pie/pif’s and quality-% of cd/dvd speed

2nd: read here

A row of an ECC Block that has at least 1 byte in error constitutes a PI error. In any 8 consecutive ECC Blocks the total number of PI errors before correction shall not exceed 280.

“- In any ECC Block the number of PI-uncorrectable rows should not exceed 4.”
-> pif=PI-uncorrectable

3rd: check if your drive can provide reliably results. not all drive’s are gifted with this feature

Post the scans so we can try to evaluate them.

I sent the test for this disc. Sorry it took so long. I hope I did things right.

TYG03 should scan better IMO, even on the NEC.

Either you burned the disc at too slow a speed, or this disc is defective. The latter being even more probable since you have these ponctual high peaks. Look for scratches on the data surface of the disk :wink:

Would you mention at what speed this TY was burned, and where you bought this pack (probably from SVP? - if this is the case I’m not surprised from the ponctual problem, my own sample pack had several scratched discs… :a )

yea Frank…
I bought a sample Pack of 5 different 16X DVD-R medias- BeAll, Youden, Optodisc, Prodisc and Verbatium. I have used the opto disc and the pro disc and now the Yuden. Like I said I did the quality tests on the other 2 discs and I was under the impression that the more and higher the spikes were the worse the disc was but that seems to NOT be the case huh? I burned an Image file using dvd decrypter and left the speed at MAX. The disc started at about 6X and get up to 13.5X at aroung 70% of the burn but…the device buffer went down and stayed down for about a straight min. and the disc would not get past 4X at that point. Maybe a bad disc I guess? I read some different posts about reading the tests but I cant seem to understand how to really read the damm thing. :confused: Im still trying to learn so I appriciated everyone bearing with me.

Except for the spikes, the scan is OK, within limits. PIE<280, PIF<4, thin spikes probably won’t affect the playing ability. Really, the PIF is what you worry about, you might have a problem at around 3 gig. Ignore the quality score, If you have one spike it will be 0. Try scanning at 4x - 5x, that’s the standard, faster scans will show more errors.

“Try scanning at 4x - 5x, that’s the standard, faster scans will show more errors.”

On the 3540, actually one can scan up to 16X with reasonable consistency. These PIF peaks are not normal. Neither does this: “at aroung 70% of the burn but…the device buffer went down and stayed down for about a straight min. and the disc would not get past 4X at that point”

Have you checked the disc for scratches?

As for how to read the scans, Ricoman summed it nicely. On the NEC 3540, though, PIF single spikes may go higher than 4, about 6-8 and this wouldn’t be a concern.

I will bet that happened with the Verbatim 16x - media.

“I will bet that happened with the Verbatim 16x - media.”

??? :confused: ???

I thought he was still talking about his problematic TYG03 burn…

Thats funny Alan…Im burning with the Verbatim right now so I will be checking it tomorrow with the test. The disc( yuden ) does not have any scraches. I looked at that first. The verbatim 16X disc maxed at 15.4 burn speed and avaraged at 11.5. I didnt check the quality yet though.

Ok …Here is the Verbatim test. 16X DVD-R

Well, you can’t ask for much better than that. I would be interested to see another TY burn and scan.

Its funny you said that. I was telling Ironwalker that for some reason my burner seems not to like TY. I just tried to use an AZO ( i think) 8X DVD-R which CD speed said was a TY gO2 and i would not work. I even tried to use the other AZO ( I only had 2 ) and got the same result. 2 weeks ago I tried a GO1 and dvd decrypter wouldnt even open up until I ejected the disc. I really dont know why but my NEC seems to not like them. I do have another TYGO3 16X DVD-R that I will be using soon and I will post the test. Like I said earlier I really am trying to learn how to read the scans ( inturpet them ) .

Here is a test from a Meritline DVD 8X DVD-R

Now that you know your drive is working :), you should post your results in the relevant threads… :wink:

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