Help me understand label tech

Hi to all.
Please excuse my poor english (in advance :wink: )

I understand that in the market of DVD RECORDERS are models that support LabelFlash / lightscribe technology which can print on a white surface of the disc right ?

Here are my questions

  1. Should i buy specific discs or any disc with white surface?
  2. How the recorder prints on discs?
  3. Will the recorder ever need replacement of ink (or something like that?)

Sorry for the damn questions but i really don’t know anything about it… :o

  1. No you should buy special Lightscibe/Labelflash discs. The have a special surface for burning the images.
  2. With their laser which is onboard. You have to turn the disc after burning a DVD to ‘print’ a label on the disc.
  3. It does not use ink. It uses it’s own laser to ‘burn’ the image on the special surface of the disk.

You covered every question i had…

Thank you very much !!