Help me to defeat IsoBuster



Dear CDFreaks

I have managed to protect my CD using the TZCP that cannot be copied with Clone, Blind, Nero, …

But just one important problem that it can easily be extracted using Isobuster. I also have a protected CD (someone else has protected it)that cannot be extracted by Isobuster. In the attachment I have included screenshots of the IsoBuster while analyzing the two CD’s along with the explanation. I was wondering if someone could help me find the way which is used in the second protection.

Best wishes.



Are you serious?

I bet you even money that I can copy your disc with any of the abovementioned tools.


Dear Gurn

I mean it is not possible to copy a CD protected with TZ if you do not use special options in the copier programs. I know it is easy for the CDfreaks:)

Please help me solve the problem I mentioned in the post.