Help me to choose the best DVD Burner for my needs (with LightScribe)

Hello all!

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Im having a hard time pick a new DVD Burner.
My Optiarc AD-5170A is no longer working good. he cannot recognize some of the media and burn them.
i need a new one.

i will tell u what im doing with my burner (the most important) that way can know what burner is recommended for me:

  • a lot of audio rips (Original CDs and DVDs from 1994 till now) with EAC (Secure Mode) with Accurate Stream and C2 Error Correcting.

*Video Decrypting with DVD Decrypter/DVDFab

*Burning Data/PS2/ISO Games and APPs on DVD+R and DVD-R on various media.

*Burning Audio on CDR on various media.


The bad thing on my burner are:

*my current burner did rip audio very well most of the time but sometimes very slow.
*the burning wasnt good (1/4 of the time the burned cds/dvds had a alot of errors that cannot be fixed.
*very very noisy.
*verfiying after burning with Nero has failed a lot of times.
*seek times are not good.
*very picky about media.


The new drive need to have those:

*an option to change the booktype from DVD+R and DVD+R DL to DVD-ROM/RAM. (Must)

*a LightScribe option (Recommended).

*can report C2 Errors for Audio (Must).

*Fast DVD Decrypting (very Recommended).

*Deep Error Scan with Nero CD-DVD Speed and KProbe.


tnx from advance to the freaks of CDFREAKS!

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Good luck on your hunt for a new burner.