Help me to choose a cd-r drive



I'm thinking about upgrading my samsung 8-8-32 i've seen the lite on and they seem pretty nice which one do you advice me to buy (i don't have to much money) and does the 24x model support (or will support) new technologies such as Mt Rainier?


LiteOn for games and Plextor for audio.
But with CloneCD 4 I believe you can copy almost anything with both Plextor and LiteOn.

Read the respective forums and use the search funtion as described in the sticky post by Da_Taxman to find out more. If you have any specific questions, by all means post them, but I think you can do a little more research on your own by reading the LiteOn, Plextor and CloneCD forums here.


The think is that i don’t have unlimited access to the net and i have exams coming next week so i don’t really have the time to search
I’m ripping quite a lot of cd audio but i don’t have the money to buy a plextor (i’m a poor student!!)
I can afford the lite on 24x and if the 32x can offer a difference (the price difference is 30$ for me) i can extend to this price tag
I just wanna know if it’s “future proof”


If you don’t want to spend allot of money but do want a good writer I think a Lite-On 24x (or faster) will be a good choise!

Also check out the reviews made by our very own reviewers at our mainpage! :smiley:


I saw the test and that was those test that make me decide to buy a new cdr drive but i was having some question about the new technologies and if those drive will support it (even if it will be through a firmware update later)