Help me to Burn a Safedisc 4.60.0 please

Hello everyone I am sorry I am a noob on this.

I try to copy my original language educational software with the following : Nero, UltraISO,MagicISO,CloneCD and Alcohol 120% .

All of the above get stuck at 0 % when I try to copy the CD.

CloneCD stays at 0% for a good 5 minutes and then it will copy it 100%. After it prompts me to insert a blank disc and burning it completely, I go back to try the copy out and it will still ask me to insert the original CD.

Now I flipped through a few threads here and well I did a few scans to the original CD.

A-Ray Scanner :

[09:35:42 AM] Signs on CD/DVD indicate SafeDisc 2/3
[09:35:44 AM] — File(s) Scan Finished [15.27s] —

SafeDisc/SecuROM Version Detector
Safedisc - 4.60.0

Can anyone please help me , it is very fustrating and I have burned lots of CDs :frowning:


CloneCD won’t work with this SafeDisc version and to run the game you need to disable hidecdr media and close the tray icon. You can try this guide.

p.s. There are read errors in the beginning of the disc which are part of the protection they’ll stop around sector 10500.

I used blindwrite for to make an image of battlefield 2142 and it’s been working 100%.

you probably wont be able to copy this but making a image of the dvd and mounting on a virtual drive will work fine, or perhaps a mini image.