HELP ME. The one question nobody can solve



I have a modded xbox 360 to use backups. I have old FW on hitachi drive, i burn at 2.4x and use verbitum disks. I have made many copies and they always work. But nowadays they dont work, for example with lost via domus i start up the game click new game, and then i get the unreadable disk. People say if it was the FW it wouldnt start, my games (older) play fine so it aint the drive. The disks are fine coz i tried an older copy of a game and that worked. This happens over and over again with all the copies i have made, always at the same point. This has happend with other backups such as DMC 4. I read somewhere it could be the fact that they have ixtreme on the backups, if this is the case is there a way of removing ixtreme from the iso?


Can somebody please help me !