Help Me Stop Norton!

i can’t disable norton’s scanning of my pc every single friday, it crashes my pc all the time, i want to stop is but i can’t AHHHHH HELPP ME!!!

how can i stop norton’s friday scanning!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

uninstall is only a few clicks away, norton is poo

Moving to General Software.

It’s a nuclear bomb … there’s nowhere to run …

edit Sorry about that, I couldn’t help myself :stuck_out_tongue:
The add/remove panel is a good option for norton.
AVG can be had for free, and lots of others too, which don’t invade your subsystem & crash it regularly.

even norton know their software is so awful it needs a tool to remove it:

look for scheduled scanning in the settings someplace & uncheck the box.

but dump norton :iagree:

Look under the antivirus tab, you should have something like “Scan for Viruses”. Click on “Task Schedule” and you can set it to scan however you want.

Norton uses Windows task scheduler, you simply remove the task from the scheduler.

Really, dump Norton and use the cleaner that mjwhitfield posted.

Free alternatives:



Sounds like a plan :clap: