Help me shop for a burner

I have bought Clonecd. Now I need a burner. One that will work with Clonecd and can handle the latest copyrighting.

What are the best burners? I’m thinking Lite-on. There is a LTR-48125W that I’m looking at now. Is there something better I should consider? Should I get a dvd burner? Will a dvd burner still burn games and audio cds?

Check out the first sticky post in the clone cd forum called: “What burner should I buy?” :slight_smile:

Oh! Thank you!

You’re Welcome :bigsmile:

the search function may prove handy :slight_smile: this will help you out you want one that can OverBurn , with correct EFM encoding,with buffer underrun technology and that can read subcodes I like the Lite-On my self big emprovement on the Old HP I9500 I used to own …

hope it helps

P.S. the good thing is Lite-On’s come with free Nero