Help me Select a DVD Burner

Can anyone advise me on a purchase?
You’ll find my available choices listed below.
I’m thinking the NEC ND-2500A is the best of the bunch.
Is that so?
Should I be looking at another bunch?

The companies listed below are the OEM’s.
The “Brand” name on the boxes are Khypermedia, Pacific Digital, MicroAdvantage,

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BenQ DW800A 8x+RW firmware upgradeable to add 4x -RW
CyberDrive DX082D DVD 8x+RW firmware upgradeable to add 4x -RW
BTC DRW1008IM 8x/4x +/-

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NEC ND-2500A 8x/8x +/-
LiteOn LDW-851S/LDW-811S 8x/4x +/-
BTC DRW1008IM 8x/4x +/-

Depends on what you are going to do. If you are going for +R, I’d say BenQ is the way to go. Does very good +R. Plus it does bitsetting out of the box. NEC does better -R, so its probably more well rounded. You can get an Optorite on NewEgg for $50 and no rebates if price is an issue. Personally would spend the extra $20 or $30 and get the NEC 2510 or 3500 to get dual layer, but thats up to you.

I’m a noob to DVD … don’t know the difference between +R/-R uses.
I thought -R was mostly for data and DVD-ROM.

I always thought +R was in wider use but others claim -R is more common.

Isn’t one cheaper than the other?

I suppose I’ll use it to store data and to copy movies.
Are there any other uses.

Do you suggest +R or -R?


There’s not much of a practical difference. Supposedly DVD-R has a sligtly higher compatibilty with existing DVD players. +R can be bitset. That marks the disc so that your DVD player sees it as a DVD-ROM, as opposed to a burned DVD, which makes the compatilbilty almost 100%. Data and movies backups are what its used for most. Last I heard, DVD+R discs were outselling -R. Somone correct me if I’m wrong.