Help me:Samsung Dvd-r120


i’ve a Dvd recorder samsung dvdr120( pal region 2) and i do i mistake: i download the new firmware and flash files from

upgrading the firmware, it’s all right, but when i upgrade the flash files, the dvd recorder became NTSC system and i can’t use it in europe. Before it readed divx and now only dvd, but obviously Ntsc.

The support told me that this files are out of warranty.

Is there a solution?

I’ve tried this code to unlock the region but don’t work
Hack from Samsung DVD-R100 also works on Recorder DVD-R120

Region code hack posted by c_trip, June 03 2005:
1 Without Disk , press ‘0’ 4~5times.
2 Press ‘Repeat’
3 Press 3,8,7,6,7
4 After that you can see Number 2 (European Regional Code) in Upper left side.
5 Press ‘9’ and then 2 will be changed into 9
6 Press ‘Open’ ‘Close’
Total process should be completed in 30 seconds.

Can you help me?


I have the solution for your problem, i have the Region 2 firmware. Just give me your e-mail address and i will send it to you. I had exactly the same problem that you had.


I need too, can u send me too.i wrote to u a private message fot details.

Hi, I have the same problem too, someone can send me this fimware region 2 please…

please I need it also …can someone send it to me…thanx

Please anyone can send me firmware pal version for samsung dvd-r120?
Thanks!!! Grazie!!! Danke!!! Gracias!!!

Hi. I have an european (PAL) version of the DVD-R120, and I messed it up upgrading the firmware with the english version. :frowning:

Can Hellf, please, send me the correct (PAL) firmware, please? :slight_smile:

Please anyone can help me? Thanx!

Thanks to the person on here who sent me the fireware file to undo this Samsung update which converts the UK machine to a US format one. I have put it on this website for others to use:



Official site of Samsung in Hungary provides firmware upgrade to ver. 2.5:

As Hungary (PAL, Region 2) is in Europe it may solve your problems.

Nota Bene: Download and upgrade on your own risk.


I have found phybes’ posts here: It may well be that the firmware posted above is the wrong one, though it is on an official site of a European Samsung Representation.

Yes, that’s a wrong firmware as long as there’s (USA) mentioned in the description. I’ve been emailing to a bunch of people with the correct firmware, i will try to put up a link to it on the web…

And i can see that it’s allready been done :doh:

That link, posted by difdif, contains same firmware as i am offering. Works 100%


Thanks for the feedback and especially for the link that can help many people. I saw you have done a great job and posted, concerning this problem in other forums.

Anyone can help me. I need change the region 1 (USA) of the my samsung DVD-R120 to region free. My country is region 4 (Brazil) and I would like region free. It no work there.

I thank very much if anyone help me

Please, I need help with Firmware Update for the R120. My unit is R-120 AXAA.

I need it for change my DVD to PAL-M (Brasil) and Region 4 (will apply the hack later) applying the Firmware from the Samsung Brasil Web Site. There only is provided the file RUF, but my unit doesn’t recognized it.

When I copy the files RUF e REC to the CD, the unit show me only the “Drive Update”. As the update instructions, should be first the “Flash Update” and later, the “Drive Update”.

When I copy only the file RUF, the unit show me the message “This disc cannot be played” and don’t execute the Flash Update.

Do I need rename the disc for anything to be recognized?

Anybody help me?


Hi i need your help I have a r121 xax NTSC i update the firmware of us and after the image on the tv screen its not sincronized and its in french i believe that is pal now
Someone can help me Thanks in advance

Hello fbenven,

I have the same modle (DVD-R120/AXAA) having same issue as your. Have you succeeded converting your NTSC to PAL version? I read somewhere that AXAA version are crappy and can not be converted to PAL version. Can some one help please??