Help me rip songs from my Copy Protected N.E.R.D Fly or Die album



I joined just to ask if you could help me rip songs from my Copy Protected N.E.R.D Fly or Die album, because that static noise is really annoying. Can anyone help me?


Hey there and welcome to CDFs!
Download AnyDVD and have that active while the cd is in the drive. AnyDVD will make the CD look like a normal audio disk. Then just use a ripping program like Windows Media Player to rip the tracks.



I only have a regular CD burner, will anyDVD work on that?


Yes, tho it will tell that you it cant find a DVD drive but it shouldn’t effect disabling the protection.



thanks for that, I will try it now!


Err for some reason my MusicMatch won’t detect the Cd, what other good programs are there for ripping (that are fairy quick?)


Windows Media Player?



Oh yes, I didnt know media player did that.

I am still having troubles though, they were ripped, but they still have a bit of crackling in the songs… any ideas why?


Try downloading ISOBuster and ripping the wavs out of the first session?



tried ?
Works for me in most cases…


Exact Audio Copy (EAC) is very good at ripping proteted CDs.


Doesn’t holding the “Shift” key down when inserting the cd work anymore? I haven’t bought a copy protected music cd in awhile.


hmm, my copy of Fly or Die isn’t copy protected…interesting…