Help me repair my 411>811 (EEPROM)



Okay guys & gals, I’d really like to salvage this drive but I think it’s day has come.


~Will not read DVD data discs or DVD Video discs; same with cd-rom’s

~extended duration of blinking light but it does stop after a long time

~ Windows Explorer recognizes the drive but reports no disc

~as drive tries to read disc, strange semi-grinding/scratching noises occur

~AnyDVD says “Drive N is disabled”

I think I can still burn to it, I’lll have to check…are there two lasers, one for read & one for write?

I have tried to repair with the EEPROM utility posted here and then re-flashed with a modded HSOR firmware.

This seems to have started after a long hiatus of burning 99 minute cdrs with J. River Media Center which differs from Nero in that you can’t set the overburn to 99min but it still burns a disc.

Opinions welcome if this drive is to be tossed or any more ideas to salvage it…thanks!

Dr. C


Two lasers, one for CD, one for DVD.